🌐Referral Program

Palmswap Exchange offers a competitive referral program whereby you receive between 10-25% (based on your tier) of all your referred users generated fees that sign up using your referral ID. The referral fees are taken from the top, meaning before the users generated fees are divided based upon the Reward Flow Distribution.

How it works

To create a referral code:

  • Connect wallet and click on the Affiliates tab

  • Create a referral code using any combination of letters, numbers and underscores

Once you've created your code, click on the copy icon next to the code to get your referral link, it should look something like this: https://palmswap.io/#/?ref=<your code>

You can share this link on any platform, e.g. Twitter, Telegram. When a user clicks on your link, your referral code would be stored with the user's account. When the user makes a trade they would receive a discount and you would earn rebates from their trading fees. You will continue to earn rebates even if the user uses another device later on as the referral code is stored on the contract the first time the user makes a trade.

The discounts and rebates will be distributed as USDT every Saturday, your rebates history will be viewable on https://synthetic.palmswap.org/#/referral


The referral program has a two-tier system, the standard one (Tier 1) which is assigned to everyone when a code is created, and the partner upgrade (Tier 2).

  • Tier 1: 5% discount for traders, 10% rebates to referrer

  • Tier 2: 10% discount for traders, 20% rebates to referrer

To upgrade your code to Tier 2 you must meet these requirements:

  • You must have a social account with a minimum reach of 100,000 followers on a platform.

  • At least 30 active users using your referral codes per week and a combined weekly volume above $25 million.

If your account fulfills these criteria, please send an email to partnerships@palmswap.org

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