V1 to V2 Migration

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to migrate your staked $PALMs from Palmswap V1 to Palmswap V2

Stake your PALMS from V1 to V2

To start earning lucrative rewards on Palmswap V2 for your stakes, you need to unstake and withdraw your $PALM from V1 and stake it on V2.

Here's a video tutorial:

Below are the links with all the steps you need to take to withdraw your $PALMs from v1 and stake it on V2.

Unstaking PALM from V1

  1. Click on “Unstake.” You’ll see the following window:

  1. Select the amount you want to withdraw. Click and drag the slider all the way to the right until the indicator shows “100%” and click on “Withdraw.”

  1. Confirm the transaction on your wallet to finish the withdrawing process.

Now you have sucessfully unstaked your $PALMs in V1, it's time to stake it on Palmswap V2.

Staking your PALM on V2

  1. Look for the “Stake” section and click on the “Stake” button. You’ll see the following window:

  1. Select the amount of PALM you want to stake. You can do this by manually entering the amount of PALM tokens you want to deposit or choosing different percentages of your balance. To stake your full PALM balance, click on the “100%” button on the right.

Finally, click on the “Stake” button at the bottom of the window and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Rewards Distribution

PALM stakers share 25% of the trading fees in USDT. Earnings are proportional to each staker’s balance in comparison with the total amount of PALM staked.

These rewards will initially be distributed to stakers every Saturday starting from July 22, 2023. Stakers can claim the rewards to receive them in their wallet at any time.

As Palmswap grows and the platform evolves, staking rewards will be distributed in shorter periods—first daily, then hourly.

To learn more about PALM staking and tokenomics, please visit the PALM section in Palmswap’s docs.

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