🏎️Trade 2 Earn

The event will start on September 20

An important aspect of sustainable growth is the retention of users and community members. To incentivize and reward trading activities, traders automatically receive Trading Points, abbreviated as TP, based on the size (USD volume) of their trades and closed trading positions. Trading Points can be converted into PALM tokens and paid out daily 24 hours after the end of the epoch.

For every 1$ trade, you will receive 1 Trading Cycle Point.

The Trade 2 Earn Program establishes a positive feedback loop that will contribute to increased trading volume on the Palmswap DEX and result in more protocol revenue.

Epoch Rewards

A total of 90,000,000 PALM will be distributed over 365 days.

EpochStartdateEnddate Reward


September 20, 2023 16:00 UTC

October 20, 2023 16:00 UTC

15,000,000 / Daily: 500,000 PALM


October 20, 2023 16:00 UTC

September 19, 2024 16:00 UTC

75,000,000 / Daily: 223,880 PALM

The following will occur at the end of each epoch:

  • Epoch Rewards are calculated.

  • Trading points are converted to PALM. Rewards are claimable at our Trading Epoch page approximately 24h after the end of the epoch.

  • The next epoch is about to start.

How does it work?

Below are a few examples to better understand how you can passively earn PALM.

👾 Q1: How do I participate in the Epoch and earn Trading Points? Whenever you make any trade, you automatically receive Trading Points as soon as the trade is executed (long/short) or closed. Each user has access to a dedicated interface that shows their Trading Points and actions like claim PALM.

👾 Q2: I closed a BTC position worth $10,000. How many Trading points do I get? For every $1 of trading volume, you get 1 TP. So, for a $10,000 trade, you will get 10,000 TP. The ratio is always 1 TP for $1 of trading volume.

👾 Q3: I have a balance of 10,000 Trading points. How many PALM will I get? It depends on 3 factors: - How many trading points you have - The overall (total) trading points of all Users - Allocated PALM rewards for the Epoch


On September 26th, the total trading volume on Palmswap DEX amounts to $1M which equals 1 million TP distributed to traders ($1M in volume = 1M Trading points total balance).

If 500,000 PALM rewards are allocated for that day, you will get 5,000 PALM for your 10,000 Trading points.

Calculation: (10,000 TP) / (1,000,000 TP) * (500,000 PALM) = 5,000 PALM

👾 Q4️: How do I convert my Trading points for PALM tokens? Trading Points are automatically converted to PALM after each epoch. You only have to claim your PALM tokens on the Trading Epoch page.

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