Trading Fees

There are two types of trading fees you will see on Palmswap Exchange: Position and Execution fees

Position Fee

  • To open a position, you will need to pay a maximum 0.1% fee of the position size opened. The same amount must be paid to close a position. The Position Fee is paid in USDT.

In the future, it will be possible to reduce trading fees by staking PALM tokens.

Execution Fee

There are two transactions involved in opening/closing/editing a position:

  1. User sends the first transaction to request open/close/deposit collateral/withdraw collateral

  2. Keepers observe the blockchain for these requests and then execute them

The cost of the second transaction is displayed in the confirmation box as the "Execution Fee". This network cost is paid to the blockchain network.

Distribution of collected fees:

40% → PLP pool 30% → PALM stakers 20% → Marketing and product 10% → Buyback & Burn

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