Staking Rewards

PALM & PLP can be staked to earn a share of fees as rewards. The rewards share is based on the total sum of PALM and PLP that is staked.

  • Stake PLP to earn 40% of Trading fees in USDT

  • Stake PALM to earn 30% of Trading fees in USDT

Further benefits in the future will be:

  • Receive a discount on trading fees

  • Increase affiliate commissions from the referral program

  • Participation in Palm Pad projects

Distribution Rate

APRs are updated weekly on Saturday based on the fees collected that week. Rewards are distributed every second to staked tokens.

Withdraw and Claim

Withdraw: After submitting a withdrawal, the cool-down period will start and the staker can withdraw his tokens after 7 days.

Claim: Rewards can be claimed every time also without a cool-down or lock period.

Compound Rewards

When you have earned rewards through the PALM tokens you have in staking you can compound them into the pool. Compound will buy PALM tokens with your rewards through a router via Pancakeswap and add them to your PALM staking balance so you can earn more.

How to stake PALM or PLP

PLP tokens are automatically staked after they are purchased/minted and can be burned/sold at any time to unstake the tokens. Read Liquidity Providing to buy PLP.

To stake PALM tokens a few steps have to be done:

  1. Go to the Staking page

  2. Click on Enable PALM

  3. Click on "+Stake" and enter the Amount you want to stake

  4. Confirm the transaction

To unstake PALM tokens you have to click on the "-" button. The rest of the steps are the same as explained above.

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