🔐 Staking Pools


6% of the initial token supply (60,000,000 PALM) will be distributed to users by staking PALM. Staking Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on Palmswap.
In each BNB Smart Chain Block, 1 PALM is generated and allocated to Stakers.

Benefits of staking

  • Discount on trading fees
  • Earn more PALM tokens
  • Participation in Governance votings
  • Participation in Palm Pad projects
  • Increase affiliate commissions from referral program


Withdraw: After submitting a withdrawal, stakers have to wait for a total of 7 days (Cool Down Periode). After the Cool Down period has ended, tokens can be withdrawn from the pool.
Reinvest: The cool down period doesn't apply on compounding. Compounded tokens will immediately be credited to the staking balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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